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The Retro Hair Flip Trend: 2020’s Most Fashionable Hairstyle Yet

And with so much versatility, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to hairstyles. It’s very easy to achieve, though using some heat. You’ll need a blow dryer and blow dry as you normally would with a barrel brush a large-barrel curling iron. If using a normal barrel brush and a blow dryer, simply roll the brush towards the end of the hair. Roll it backwards to create the flip. Note that the more you roll the more the more you roll, the more dramatic the flip. If you are using a curling iron,

Your Autumn Essentials Guide

The best way to restore moisture to your hair from cold weather damage is to use an oil-based hair treatment. For dry damaged hair, opt for an argan oil for instant results and to help replenish moisture and protect your hair. It goes without saying that our lips are often affected by the changes in the weather. Try to avoid using matte lipsticks and lip products, instead, get yourself a moisturising lip balm that’ll protect and hydrated your lips. A great biker jacket never goes out of style,

5 Killer Hairstyles with a Clip in Ponytail…(and how to slay them)

The ponytail is a staple to almost every woman’s hairstyle repertoire. It’s perfect for an easy laid-back style but it’s also a perfect choice for a killer statement look. They’re incredibly versatile and adaptable whether you are going out, working, chilling and rocking it in club somewhere. Although popular, there's no reason to always keep this classic style simple. That’s why today we are looking at some fantastic statement clip in ponytail extension hairstyles. Making your human hair ponyt

Spring 2020 Hair Trends: Top 10 Hairstyles, Cuts and Colours for SS20

Clocks have gone forward; the sun is still a bit shy and it’s still light after 5PM. Which means one thing – spring is well and truly here. This also means it’s that time again ladies; time for an in-depth look at the hairstyles which promise to be hot for spring and summer 2020. Even though most of us are still stuck at home, there is still reason to enjoy good hair days – especially when there are so many new styles to experiment with! If you want this ‘lockdown’ to signal a new you, find your

Colour Matching: How to Choose the Right Colour of Hair Extensions

The key to achieving a seamless and natural-looking finish with your hair extensions is to perfectly match your natural hair colour with the colour of your hair extensions. To achieve the perfect colour blend that suits you and your hair, it is essential to choose a shade that will not only match your natural hair but complement your skin tone too. We have up to 60 shades in our selection, ranging from jet black to ice blonde, and from ombre shades, so we understand that colour matching may sou

How to: Balayage and Root Drag Tutorial

To create a balayage effect, take care not to apply any of the lighter blonde colour to the roots as the roots must stay dark in order to create the full balayage effect. Apply the dye only to the lengths, in the areas that you want to lighten. The best way to do this is to use your fingers (while wearing gloves) to apply the colour. Use soft, downward strokes to blend, but not rub the dye into the hair in a way that is natural and soft. Avoid blocks of colour; you’re aiming for a subtle, sun ki

Top 5 Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles to Try Now

Tie the middle of your hair into a small sleek bun, you can then straighten the bottom half to a sharp look. Complete your look by adding some accessories to the front or middle of your hair. If you want a more casual daytime look but still look stunning, then go for a braided top bun. To achieve this style, simply Dutch-braid your hair in the middle from the front until the crown. Secure with a clear hair tie and if you’d like more thickness, you can pinch the sides gently for volume. Now it’s

Thin and Fine Hair: How to Choose the Right Thickness of Hair Extensions

So you’ve figured outYou know which length you’re after. Perhaps you even know whichyou want. But one of the most important things to consider when choosing the best fit for you is choosing the right thickness of hair extensions. If you have thin or fine hair, one of the first questions you should ask is “how much hair do I need?” The answer to this should depend on two things: how thick or fine your natural hair is, and what results you’re looking to achieve. While hair extensions are our fav

Layered Hair: Everything you Need to Know About this Subtle Trend

Where and how the hair is layered depends on the style you are trying to achieve. For example, for shaping at the front, layers are graduated in around the face to frame it when usually it is the top section of hair that is layered to add volume. How do you layer using hair extensions? To layer using hair extensions, divide the top layer on your hairline and tie it out of the way before creating a braid with the rest of your hair. From that side, curve (creating a backwards C) and add hair fro

Valentine's Day: Makeup Tips to Match Your Hair Colour

Finally, which means one thing; Valentine’s Day is coming! This time of year, either brings feelings of euphoria or absolute dread. If you’re part of the former, that may include going on a fancy date or an anti-valentine’s day girls' night out. Either way, it’ the most romantic day of the year so it’s no brainer to get dolled up and look the part. But fear not, we've done the work for you and rounded up some hair and makeup combos that will inspire the romantic in you. We have chosen some o

Holographic Hair: What is it and How to Get the Look

The rainbow trend came, and we conquered it, the grandma chic silver-grey hair trend came, and we slayed it. We’ve really tried (and perfected) it all, from unicorn hair and mermaid hair, to pastel hair a’la Kylie Jenner. But now we are moving on to holographic hair – a multidimensional hair colour of pastel hues with a metallic sheen that makes your hair appear as if it’s magically changing colour (basic, said no one ever). So today, we are covering what there is to know about this holographic

Top 5 Autumn/winter Beauty Trends That Will be Taking Over Instagram Soon

When it comes to your eyes this year, it’s all about that bright pop of colour. Invest in a couple of different shadows, whether it’s pink, mustard yellow or aquamarine, to help add some wow-factor to your lids (as seen on the runways at Rixo, Matty Bovan and Self Portrait). If you’re going for an all-out look, really pack the colour on to make sure your eyes stand out. If you’re not totally sold on this trend just yet, then apply the colour sparingly on the outer corners of your eyes, keeping t

Hair Clip Trend 2019: The Hottest Styles of the Year

2019 made hair accessories cool again, and the humble hair clip has had quite a moment in the spotlight. From layered barrettes and decorated bobby pins, to crystal hair slides and embellished hair grips, the hairclip trend is still going strong. Whether you need to add a pop of glam to your look, want a simple but effective way to bring out your face, or simply want to add a finishing touch to your look, accessorising your hair with these trendy clips will always be a winner. You’ve most like

7 Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles

Beachy waves are perhaps one of the most popular summer hairstyles. Thankfully, this is another look that is really easy to achieve. You can use your straighteners to create this look. Simply put in your clip in hair extensions and then, layer by layer, run your extensions down small sections of your hair in a wavy motion. This will create a soft wave. When you reach the top layer, use a fine-toothed comb to create some height and volume. Our double weft hair extensions are perfect for this look

How Many Times Can You Dye Hair Extensions?

With so many cool and trendy hair colours all over social media, it’s no surprise that many of you are concerned about just how many times you can dye your hair extensions. In short, you can certainly dye your human hair extensions more than once or even three times if you wish, but it’s difficult to do so without damaging your extensions. However, we understand that constantly buying real hair extensions each time you want to change your hair colour can be quite costly. So read on to find out

6 Unusual DIY Hair Treatments to Try While You're at Home

While most of us are still trying to adapt to the changingright now, a lot of us are also now on an ongoing battle against boredom. So what better time is there to get our thinking caps on and turn our kitchen into an all-natural hair salon. We’ve got some surprising DIY hair treatments for you to try while you’re self-isolating. Depending on where you are, the store shelves are probably empty, so now is probably not the best time to use your essentialingredients. That’s why today we are lookin

6 Stunning Lazy Girl Hairstyles to Do at Home

Most countries in the world right now are in some kind of ‘ ’, meaning most of us are trying to stay at home as much as we can. However, being at home 24/7 can actually make us a little lazy when it comes to getting all glammed up – it’s so easy to stay in pyjamas all day and repeat day after day. So today, we’re bringing you some inspo with some incredibly gorgeous, but very easy hairstyles you can do quickly and easily to transform your look in no time! Got a conference video call while ? Hav
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